Smoke detector, optical
  • Smoke detector, optical

Smoke detector, optical

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Optical smoke detector with relay output for wired alarm systems.


Discontinued product, which is no longer available in Svane Electronics webshop. Manuals, guides and information is still available. Call us at +45 70 25 30 10 to hear more about what we can offer instead.

Elegant optical smoke detector for use with wired alarm systems.

The sensor uses infrared diodes to detect smoke.

The detection range of the sensor is app. 80 m2 / 860 ft2 if mounted 6-12 m / 29-39 ft. above the floor (e.g. in a warehouse) and app. 60 m2 / 645 ft2 if mounted less than 6 m / 29 ft. above the floor. For optimal security there should not be more than maximum 15 m. / 49 ft. between the detectors.

The detector has a LED indicator, it indicates that the unit is functioning and it blinks in case of an alarm.

The detector requires a 12V DC power supply.

Ø104 x D 51 mm. / 4.09 x 2 in.

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