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Standard PIR/motion sensor for wireless alarm for wall mounting. The sensor is pet-tolerant - up to 25 kg. Detection range of up to approx. 9 meters at a 25 degree angle. With LED indicator. Possible to set the detection sensitivity of the sensor. Vandal protection - alarm in the event of attempted sabotage.

Standard PIR/motion sensor for wireless alarm system.

The sensor is pet-tolerant - up to 25 kg. To be pet tolerant, it must be mounted on the wall in the bracket provided.

The sensor has a detection range of up to approx. 9 meters at a 25 o angle, which makes it very suitable for display in a corner of the room. The transmitter range of the sensor is 120-150 meters (outdoors without obstacles).

The device has an LED indicator that shows whether movement is detected. This function can be easily turned off/on if desired.

DIP Function

The sensor has 4 dip switches (4 white pins). These are used to set mode/mode; test, normal and connection. In addition, you can also set the sensor's sensitivity in relation to whether the alarm should activate after 1, 2 or 3 detections of movement. On delivery, the sensor is set so that the alarm is activated after 3 registrations. See the manual for which and how the switches should be placed.

Vandal protection - alarm in case of sabotage

It also has a vandalism protection, so that it cannot be immediately dismantled without the alarm going off. In addition, there is an additional safety measure in the communication between the sensor and the control panel. The two devices communicate with each other, should the control panel suddenly not receive a signal from the sensor, the alarm will start. Burglars who try to sabotage the alarm system will therefore trigger an alarm.


The motion sensor requires a 3V lithium battery (one included with purchase).
The LED indicator will flash when the battery is low and the control panel will receive a message.
Expected battery life: approx. 1 year depending on use.

Dimensions: H 95 x W 64 x D 49 mm.


  • Recommended installation height from 1.8-2.5 metres.
  • Do not install where the sensor can be affected by a radiator or air conditioning system.
  • Avoid placing the sensor in direct sunlight or against a metal wall.

Installation instructions

Guide to programming wireless devices and setting up zones

Guidance (UK)

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