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Additional, wireless keyboard for FC-300 PLUS / SSI300 / SSI400 burglar alarm. Possible to have up to 10 individual user codes.

Increase security - put away the control panel and use this keyboard instead. Should a burglar sabotage this wireless keyboard, the alarm will still work and send an alarm message.

The keyboard has the following buttons for quick and easy operation of the household family:

    • Arm - connect

    • Disarm - disarm

    • Home - home connection

    • Panic - assault button

In addition, the keyboard is equipped with a 3x3 numeric keypad, arrow keys, ok, enter and back button behind a flap.


It is possible to add up to 10 individual 4-digit user codes.

The keyboard has built-in security against vandalism, as it uses dual communication between devices to check status. In addition, the unit is also equipped with its own tamper switch, so that if it is removed from the bracket, the alarm is triggered.

Maximum 8 pcs. keyboards can be mounted as remote controls. It is therefore possible to mount keyboards in several places in the building, possibly at the front door and rear entrance.


If you are in the programming menu but do nothing, the keyboard will exit the menu after 10 seconds.


    • 3.7V rechargeable battery 1600mA - Display shows low battery at 3.2V.

    • Range up to 75 meters in open air.

    • Default user password: 1234

    • Default system password: 987699

NOTE: Change these codes to a personal code that only the household knows.

The package includes mounting brackets and a USB cable for charging the rechargeable battery. Attaches to the computer and charges. Works approx. 3 months on a fully charged battery. When there is no more battery on the keyboard, a message will appear on the alarm panel itself.

The unit measures: H 110 x W 140 x D 22 mm.

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