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Wireless siren in 433MHz with flash and 110 db. sound for wireless alarm system

Indoor siren for wireless alarm with flash and 110 db. sound.

The siren requires 12V DC (12V adapter included, and a lithium battery is built into the siren). Previously, an 18V adapter was included, but on the other hand, there was no lithium battery in the siren. This must be taken into account in connection with the replacement of parts in an existing alarm system.

Green lamp lights up when 12V is connected, blue lamp flashes when power is on, either via 12V or from the internal rechargeable battery.

The device measures

Ø 130 x D 35 mm.

Guidance (UK) Installation guide (DK)

Installation guide when it runs independently - without alarm ( 5/6-17 correction in function: disconnected =2 bib, connected 1 bib )

Secures the home without the use of a traditional alarm system

The siren can function as an independent alarm without connection to a control panel. The siren is simply connected to a motion sensor, magnetic switches and remote controls.

We have made a video that shows how to connect the remote control and sensor to the siren. We also show how to delete previous encodings, so that you can connect a new sensor or remote controls.

Instructional video

Here we show how to delete the wireless siren 408, as well as how to delete it from the alarm.

Installation tips

If you want the alarm to come with an indication when it is switched off and on, you must program the following:

  • Hold down * and wait for the alarm to ask for the technician code, dial (factory default) 9876 #
  • Key (menu) 4 #
  • Key (selection) 8 #
  • Press 1 if you do not want sounds on switching on and off or 2 if you want sound, save by pressing #.

The power supply mounted on the siren

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