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Assault pressure with key fob for wireless alarms. Activates the siren + possibly other connected accessories and sends SMS + call to coded phone number.

Assault pressure/emergency call for expanding wireless alarm system. It is very simple to use, as the alarm is activated with a single press.

The assault press can be attached via its carabiner to a bunch of keys, a key hanger or elsewhere, so that it is always close at hand.

It is particularly suitable for e.g. elderly, disabled or people who will find it difficult to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency.

This is how assault pressure works

The device is co-coded with the alarm system and at the same time it is coded into the system, to which the system must send a possible alarm - this could be to a friend, neighbour, a family member, the home helper or the alarm centre, etc.

The owner will then be able to activate the alarm and the message will be sent to the coded number. The recipient of the message can then stop by and help or alert the appropriate authorities.


  • Transmission range: up to 100 meters
  • Uses 2 pcs. CR2032 battery
  • LED indicator
  • White base with distinct red button

The unit measures: H 65 x W 34 x D 17 mm. and weighs 25 g.

Guide to programming for alarm and zone setup

Manual (UK)

See instructional video

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