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Universal double timer with 18 functions
  • Universal double timer with 18 functions

Universal double timer with 18 functions

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Universal double timer with display, 2 relays, with each 18 different functions. For example 0.1 seconds to about 270 hours activation or KIP function.

Operating 12VDC, contacts - 10A relay outputs. Activation with +12V on CH1 and CH2.

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This universal timer can be programmed to activate one of 18 different functions on the two relays independent of each other. The timer is for 12VDC operation, has two contacts with 10A relay output.

The timer is easy to operate, and is equipped with:

  • Four digit digital display. Turn off the display for power saving
  • A red LED lights when the timer is connected
  • Five blue diodes; one that lights up when the relay switches and four that indicate which setting function you are programming - or on when the relay is activated and the selected function is active
  • Two screw terminals; Left screw terminal has terminals for: NO1, COM1, NO1. NO2, COM2, NO2. Right screw terminal has terminals for: DC +, DC and input (CH1) and CH2

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