12V Smoke cannon with bracket

12V Smoke cannon with bracket

Product No.: 20009431

12V smoke generator / smoke cannon without standby power.

Scope of use (m3) 150-200

Perfect for securing vans / boats / container mm.

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  • Smoke cannon 1 pc.
  • Smoke cartridge 1 (item number 20009432)
  • Mounting brackets 1 piece.

What can't be seen can't be stolen!

Every day we witness people helplessly discover thefts against which traditional security systems have proved ineffective.

The concept behind a smoke cannon is as simple as it is logical.
Within seconds, the smoke cannon makes it impossible to see inside the protected rooms and thus prevents access to and removal of goods where intruders have no option but to escape.

How does it work

Within seconds, the smoke cannon can saturate an area of 100 cubic metres through the production of a large amount of smoke. The smoke is non-toxic and leaves no trace, while the disposable cartridge only takes a few minutes to change.

The smoke cannon uses no standby power, and only has 2 wires that are activated with 12V, making installation and service extremely fast and easy.
In this way, the smoke cannon can be easily used with other systems, the application is obvious to places where power consumption is a factor, such as vans / container / boats mm..


  • Non-toxic and natural degradable mist
  • The fog can remain in the air for 60 minutes in confined space
  • No standby power
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Size (mm)


Operation Temperature

-40°C ~60°C

Operation Humidity

-10%~85% RH

Weight (Kg)


Start Power

12V DC 1A

Start time


Standby power


Scope of use (m3)


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