Pet immune PIR intrusion detector
  • Pet immune PIR intrusion detector
  • Pet immune PIR intrusion detector

Pet immune PIR intrusion detector

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Pet immune PIR intrusion detector, pet immune and ideal for homes with animals up to 20 kg/ 44 lbs.

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The sensor is a pet immune motion detector for homes with pets up to 20 kg/ 44 lbs. It is the ideal solution for homes with pets as the pets are able to move freely on the floor while the alarm is activated.

At the front of the sensor, over the lens, is a wide LED indicator that lights up when motion is detected and the alarm is activated.
It is possible to set the sensor to activate the alarm when it registers 1, 2 or 3 movements.

The sensor has a built-in tamper function and can not be removed or disassembled without the alarm being triggered.

The detection range of the detector is 8 x 8 meters/ 29 ft. (measured at 90°).

It is recommended to mount the detector on the wall in the 2-0 - 2.4 meters in the corner of a room. If you want it to be pet immune it should be installed in an upward 15 ° angle so that the pet can move on the floor without the alarm is triggered. It should not be mounted near windows or heat sources e.g. a radiator or electronic devices, that emit heat when operated (e.g. a fax machine). These things can "confuse" the detector, thus increasing the risk of false alarms.

The device measures:
H 89 x W 52 x D 39 mm..


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