copy of RF remote with 4 buttons (SA-23-B4)
  • copy of RF remote with 4 buttons (SA-23-B4)

RF remote with 4 buttons (SA-23-B4)

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The SA-23-B4 is a wireless remote control with 4 buttons that is used with outdoor long-range RF reader.

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The remote can send a signal to the reader from a range of up to 70 m. The remote can output the relevant command signal to the reader is 2 different Wiegand formats.

 Installation manual AY-L23 og SA-23-B2/B4 (UK)


Input Voltage 3 V Battery (CR2450)
Standby Input Current: (12 VDC) < 1 uA
Max. Input Current: (16 VDC) 10 mA
Tamper Output Open collector, active Open, max.
sink current 16 mA
ID Format Programmed to Wiegand 26-Bit
Frequencies G: 433.92 MHz (ASK)
H: 868.35 MHz (ASK)
Operating Temp. Range -31°C to 63°C (-25°F to 145°F) 
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 95% (non condensing)


58 x 41 x 13.4 mm (2.3 x 1.6 x 0.5 in.)


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