Standard RF receiver 26bit (433Mhz)
  • Standard RF receiver 26bit (433Mhz)

Standard RF receiver 26bit (433Mhz)

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Long range RF reader can act as normal reader, Wiegand 26 bit.

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Standard 26-bit RF receiver with a detection range up to app. 150 meters.

The unit is designed to enable control of multiple access points from a remote location. The receiver can also be used as a regular reader for registrating access cards and fobs.

When connected to a control unit, the device can be used to open carports, trigger sprinkler systems, activate security barriers from a central security point, or disable entire alarm systems upon arrival.

The detector has a LED indicator, that indicates allowed or denied access. t also has a built-in tamper sensor that makes it impossible to remove the sensor from the wall without an alarm being triggered.

The unit is supplied with an interface for SSI access control systems.

The unit is waterproof, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.


H 145 x W 43 x D 20 mm. (5.71 x 1.69 x 0.79 in.)

User guide

Mounting guide

Data sheet

 Installation manual AY-L23 og SA-23-B2/B4 (UK)


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