Mifare Proximity Reader (AY-H6255BT)
Mifare Proximity Reader (AY-H6255BT)
Mifare Proximity Reader (AY-H6255BT) Mifare Proximity Reader (AY-H6255BT) Mifare Proximity Reader (AY-H6255BT)

Mifare Proximity reader (AY-H6255BT)

Product No.: 30007036

AY-H6255BT is a smartcard contactless reader with all functions. It's ideal for highly secured facilities, as well as other locations that want to take advantage of smartcard-based applications, such as smartcard applications. electronic wallets combined with access control or trespassing, time registration applications and more.

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The AY-H6255BT elegantly designed reader is made of hard plastic polycarbonate and is fully encased and sealed, making it suitable for outdoor use in all weathers.

  • Advanced, secure, multi-application functionality for intelligent installations
  • Easy to install with the configuration card (Master Card) for safe reading of data from the sectors
  • Configurable multi-output format, supports Wiegand 26-bit format and many other
  • Compatible with CP-R25 USB Desktop Card Applications
  • PC software for Master and uses map configuration (AS-B01)
  • Reader Mifare Classic® EV1 ISO14443 type A, standard card
  • Dedicated LED and buzzer control entries
  • Optical tamper sensor (sabotage detection)
  • Fully compatible with Mifare Classic® EV1 1K and 4K
  • Reads the card serial number with Mifare Classic® EV1 Ultralight and Mifare® DESFire ™
  • Suitable for outdoor use (weatherproof)

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