copy of Porttelefon 4-knaps 2-tråds
  • copy of Porttelefon 4-knaps 2-tråds

Intercom 4-button 2-wire

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The intercom is equipped with color camera, night light, 125khz non-contact reader, 4 dial buttons and nameplate at each button. Connection to video monitors and power supply is simple with only 2 wires.

DKK940.00 tax excl.

The intercom is for use in storeys with up to 4 apartments. Note that at least 1 port splitter, 1 power supply, 1 power distributor and up to 4 video monitors must be purchased. It is a countersunk model for wall mounting at the front door / entrance. The intercom is placed in an enclosed box so that it can be taken out and accessed at the back of the door phone.

Access by residents

The residents can open the front door using a short or traditional key.

Guest access

Guests call the apartment in question by pressing its call button. Then call the apartment's monitor and the resident can answer the call and talk to his guest and close the person in question.


Intercom with color camera, 4 direct dial buttons and 125khz non-contact reader

Master card for use in programming cards / pieces included.

Supply: 24 VDC

Power consumption: Max 5 watts

Built-in power supply for the lock: 12 VDC 250mA

Camera 1.0MP 3.6mm lens with upward adjustment

Countersunk model

Material: Aluminum front

Size: H 275 x W 130 x D 52 mm.


Example of multiple intercoms with multiple monitors 


Data sheet

Working voltage
24V DC
Connection Type
5 watt
Reader Interface
Proximity 125Khz
275 mm
130 mm
52 mm

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