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Cable protector
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Cable protector

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Cable protector made of rubber for large plastic enclosures (item no. 40260064)

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Cable protector, Pe-19, made of flexible rubber. This cable protector i suitable for our large plastic enclosure (item no. 40260064).

The flexible gland is used to insert and seal round wires at the holes in mounting enclosures for power supplies etc. The special gland design prevents the wire from twisting inside and ensures high resistance to rupture. Furthermore, the cable protector provides a reliable seal at the holes for wires.

Mounting diameter:

23 mm. / 0.91 in.


Wire diameter:
4-19 mm. / 0.16-0.75 in.


Ø 33 mm. x H 14 mm. / 1.30 in x 0.55 in.

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