Access keypad with proximity reader
  • Access keypad with proximity reader

Access keypad with proximity reader

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Combined access keypad with proximity reader - 3x4 touch keys. Up to 1000 users. Access via proximity card, fob and/or pin code. Optional lengths on pin codes - 2-6 digits.

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Combined access key pad and proximity reader. Key pad is with blue backlight and key sounds.

The key pad is waterproff and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting.

Number of users
Up to 1000 users on relay 1 - green LED
Up to 10 users on relay 2 - red LED 


The key pad has 3 access options

- Access by use of only card or fob
- Access by use of card/fob or pin code
- Access by use of both card/fob and pin code (combined access)* 

*The combined access setting is a general setting. All users will need to use both card/fob and a personal pin code to gain access.

The unit registers access cards and fobs in a detection range up to approx. 5 cm / 0.20 in.

Lenght of pin codes
Optional lengths between 2-6 digits. At delivery it is coded to have 4 digit codes.

ON/OFF or timer
Relay outputs can be programmed as ON/OFF or timed.
ON/OFF: The door is opened when card/fob or pin code is entered and locks when the card/fob or pin code is entered again.
Timer: Can be set to 1-99 sec. After entering card/fob or pin code, the door will only be open the selected time frame. Locks automatically after the selected time frame.

H 120 x B 76 x D 28 mm. / 4.72 x 2.99 x 1.10 in.


Data sheet

Reader Interface
Proximity 125Khz
Reader Type
Keypad + Reader

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