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HD-SDI camera 2.8-12mm.
  • HD-SDI camera 2.8-12mm.

HD-SDI camera 2.8-12mm.

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Camera, IR, color, 2.8-12mm. lens and 5 x 72 IR LED, range 60 meters. Image quality: Full HD / HD-SDI, 2 megapixel resolution.

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Full HD camera IR - color camera in daylight - black / white footage at night. The camera has a cap that protects the lens from the elements, which makes the camera ideal for outdoor use.

Connecting to DVR recorder or monitor

The camera has both SDI and analog output and can therefore be used for old DVR / video recorders and the new SDI 2.1mp resolution (requires SDI recorder).

When connected to the DVR recorder recordings will be stored on a hard drive. Connect the DVR recorder to the household network, you can view your recordings via a website or via mobile phone.

Via an SDI to HDMI converter you can connect the camera to a TV with HDMI input and see the full 1080p quality. Connect the camera to a TV / HD monitor and play the camera recordings directly on the screen.

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