RS485 BUS cable, 1 data set, white
  • RS485 BUS cable, 1 data set, white

RS485 BUS cable, 1 data set, white

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RS485 BUS cable suitable for large access control and alarm systems. The cable is universal for installations with RS485 communication.

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RS485 BUS cable with a white cap for the transmission of data related to the installation of a larger access control and alarm .


Shielded twisted pair cable with 2 x 32 x 0.19 mm supply managers. The cable contains one set of twisted-pair data pairs and one pair for power supply.

Delivered on a roll of 300 meters. NOTE: not wound on a drum / cable pin. Cable roll holder can be purchased.

Explanation - shielded and twisted pair

The cable is shielded reduces electromagnetic interference from other cables and devices. The cable is twisted pair means that the data has a twist per. 1.5 cm and 2 thick supply conductors of 1 square. The result is that with this BUS cable, even over long distances, will be able to maintain the correct voltage for the device.


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