• RS485 BUS cable, 2 data sets, white

RS485 BUS cable, 2 data sets, white

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RS485 BUS cable suitable for large access control and alarm installations. The cable is universal for installations with RS -485 communications. 300 meters.

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RS485 BUS cable with white cap for data transmission ex. bigger access control and alarm systems. The cable is universal for installations with RS-485 communications.


Shielded twisted pair cable with 2 x 32 x 0.19 mm. supply managers. The cable contains two sets of twisted-pair data managers and one pair for power supply.

Supplied wound on the drum with 300 meters.

Explanation - shielded and twisted pair

The cable is shielded which reduces electromagnetic interference from other cables and devices. The cable is twisted which means that data has is twisted per. 1.5 cm and has 2 thick supply conductors of 1 square. The result is that with this BUS cable, even over long distances, will be able to maintain the correct voltage for the device.


Data sheet

Connection Type
Wireless 433Mhz

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