Engine lock with remote control

Engine lock with remote control

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Engine lock with remote control

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Engine lock system

Lock with remote control.

This whole set is powered by batteries, in addition, the keyboard is waterproof and suitable for outdoor


Battery life in engine lock is a minimum of 6 months and the rest of the equipment is 12 months.

You can add 16 different wireless options - 16 keyboards/ 16 remotes/16 exit button - or a mix of all devices.

Indoor installation of lock.

  • Number of users - 500

  • PIN length 4-8

  • Card reader 125Khz

  • Wireless frequency - 433Mhz - rolling code

  • Range about 50 meters

  • Temperature range -40 to +60C

  • Material lock Alu. with zinc alloy

  • Size lock - 150x95x39mm

  • Size remote control - 62x30x12mm

This set can be extended as needed with all parts, and can be mounted without the help of most, and help can be obtained over phone if something goes wrong, these models can be combined in many ways and solve many tasks in the home.

Additional accessories (keyboards, remote controls and taps) are in stock - ask about purchases on [email protected]

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