Access keypad with proximity reader
Access keypad with proximity reader

Code keyboard with proximity reader

Product No.: 20001610

Waterproof, combined code keyboard with proximity reader with 5 cm reading distance - 3x4 keys. Up to 1000 users. Code length 2-6 digits can also use card/piece.

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Combined 125KHz proximity reader and code keyboard with 3x4 rows of keys. The keyboard is equipped with blue backlight and key sound.


The code keyboard can be mounted at the door or port. It is waterproof (IP65) and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


  • Up to 1000 users on relay 1 - green LED
  • Up to 10 users on relay 2 - red LED

Card/piece access or code

Relays 1 and 2 can be programmed for the following 3 modes of access:

  • Card/piece access only
  • Access with card/piece or personal code
  • Access with both card/piece and personal code (combined access)

The code keyboard can be encoded with code of optional length of between 2-6 digits. By default, the code length is set to 4 digits.

Upon delivery, the code keyboard is set, so you can choose to use code or card/piece. If you choose to switch the option to combined access, all users will need both code and card/piece to access.

The device registers cards/tiles at a reading distance of up to about 5 cm.

Activation time - setting how long the relay drags

ON/OFF: you need to read the card/piece or enter the code to open the door, and then read the card/piece or enter the code again to unlock the door.

Timer: The lock activation time can be programmed to 1-99 seconds, after which the door locks automatically.


All our proximity pieces can be used for this keyboard. See the "We also recommend" box below.
Note: The piece called Mifare proximity piece (item no. 22008165) cannot be used.

The exit button switch in pure stainless steel has product no. 22008093. It is also available in stainless steel with a red light (item No. 22008093) or with stainless steel with white light (item No. 22008094). The exit button function is available on both relays ( 2 entries ).

Also remember to buy a 12V or a 24V power supply

The code keyboard can use a 12 or 24VDC power supply. The power supply is not included, but can be purchased.

Unit measuring: H 120 x B 76 x D 28 mm.

The cord coming from the keyboard is gray, 90cm. long and contains 12 conductors.


Instructions for using code keyboard for alarm system

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