Smoke detector, wireless
  • Smoke detector, wireless

Smoke detector, wireless

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Wireless sensor, detects smoke and wirelessly transmits a signal to the receiver/control panel. This smart smoke detektor is for wireless 433 MHz alarm systems.

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Smart smoke detektor for 433 MHz alarm systems.

The detector is programmed with a limit value for the amount of smoke particles in the air. If this value is exceeded the detector sends a signal to the main alarm. At the same time the LED indicator wil start to flicker and warning beeps will sound.

The detector requires 2 pcs. af 3V lithium batteries (included at delivery). The connection to the rest of the alarm system is wireless, which makes it very easy to install.

Finding the best spot for your smoke detectors

  • A smoke detector should always be mounted on the ceiling
  • It is a good idea to place smoke detectors close to or inside all bedrooms, so that you and your family are sure to be awakened by the alarm, if it should be activated while you are sleeping.
  • The detectors should be placed at least 1 meter from windows, ventalation/vent valves and doors. Otherwise it is likely that the smoke will be blown away and the alarm will not detect the smoke as the level of smoke particles will not exceed the limit value. 
  • Avoid placing the detectors near the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or stove, as steam and smoke can trigger the alarm.
  • The detector should be placed at least a 1/2 meter from the walls
  • If you have high ceiling or a loft, the detector should be placed on the ceiling's highest point, since smoke rises and will get detected faster as the level of smoke particles will be highest here.
  • At stair cases the detector should always be placed at the ceiling's highest point.
  • In long hallways you should place one detector in each end of the corridor.
  • Be aware of the recommened distance between the detectors. A general guideline is that there should max. be 10 meters between each smoke detector.
  • There should be at least one smoke detector on each floor.

Ø 105 x D 50 mm. / Ø 4.13 x 1.97 in.

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