• GSM module for security and remote control system

GSM module for security and remote control system

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Built-in GSM module with 7 fully programmable inputs/zones, 4 programmable outputs, 1 external temperature sensor and monitoring of power supply voltage. May be applied for protection of home, garages, cottage, vehicles as well as for access, gate and temperature control.

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GSM controller module for installation in box. The GSM module can be used for a variety of purposes. In the following, we describe some of its applications. You are welcome to contact us, should you consider using the module for a setup or function that is not listed here, or if you need further information.

Application of the device

  • alert via sms message in connection with the high / low water level in. a well or basement
  • open / close door or electronic door lock via SMS, call or app
  • burglar alarm - receive sms message or listen in via mikrophone
  • Heating and cooling system control - turn on/off heating or air conditioning via SMS, call or app
  • System voltage monitoring - If power supply voltage drops below the predefined value, a user automatically will be notified via SMS.

Module inputs/outputs
7 programmable external inputs (zones).
1 input for arming/disarming the system via swich or Dallas key fob
1 external temperature sensor input
4 programmable outputs. Max current - 1500 mA.

The module can be programmed via PC by using the supplied standard USB cable and the free supplied software or via sending SMS.

Number administrator and users
Up to 16 administrator phone numbers can be entered. The 16 administrators will be able to receive text messages or calls from the unit.

Up to 400 users can open/close e.g. a port or an electronic lock via a free short calls (no conversation is possible) or they can arm/disarm the system using the Dallas key fob. (Dallas/Ibutton probe (item 20001604) and Dallas key fob (item 22008125) are not included, but can be bought separately).

Module: H 60 x W 84 x D 32 mm/ 2.36 x 3.31 x 1.26 in.
Module with GSM antenna connector: H 66 x W 84 x D 32 mm/ 2.60 x 3.31 x 1.26 in.

Manuals and software

User guide

Software user manual

 GSM software

 USB drivers

 Firmware 131004 (should be used in connection with the Dallas probe)

 Firmware 130301 for use with windows 8 (the unit must be updated with this file)

 GSM temperature probe calibration spreadsheet


Specific References