GSM socket w/temperature control - SimPal T4

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GSM socket for light/heating control or restarting the router or access point. Built-in backup battery


Smart socket with built-in GSM module for indoor use. It can be operated via up to 5 users' mobile phones - anytime and anywhere. It is possible to purchase a 3M cable item. 6000.0161, so the thermostat can be placed further away from the GSM socket.

More smart functions

Remote control via mobile phones
The GSM socket is a spring-operated socket with a built-in module. If the GSM socket is connected to an ordinary socket, you can subsequently remotely control (switch the power transfer on and off) the socket in question.

Timed on/off - timer
It is possible to set the time interval for when the device should switch the power transfer on and off.

Control via temperature sensor
If the supplied temperature sensor is connected, the GSM socket can be set to switch the socket on or off, depending on the measurement of the room's temperature. Please note that by overriding automatic temperature control with an on/off SMS, automatic control will be deactivated but can be activated again with an SMS.

Notification at rapidly changing temperature
A time interval and limit values for temperature can be preset on the GSM contact. The GSM socket will then send an SMS message to the master telephone if the room's temperature, in the preset time period, changes so that the temperature exceeds the predefined limit values for the room's temperature.

Message in case of power failure
The GSM socket can be set to notify the master user via beep sound and SMS, in the event that the device does not receive power. When the GSM socket regains AC, the device will also send an SMS message to the master user.

If you have a problem with a router that needs to be rebooted, this can be done. use our app or just send an SMS.

5 Users

  • 1 master user (only this user can set/program functions via his phone)
  • 4 other users (can switch power transfer on/off via SMS)


The GSM socket is operated via SMS command or by pressing a button on the device.

The device requires a standard SIM card to be able to receive and send SMS messages. The SIM card can be purchased from a telecommunications provider.

NOTE The SIM card's number display must be activated and the PIN code request must be deactivated. we have learned that Oister, biBob, 3 telecommunications companies can cause problems and therefore recommend some of the others.

Always remember that the power must be switched off on the device when the SIM card is inserted or removed. Phone numbers are programmed without 0045 or +45.


The GSM socket is suitable for controlling electrical appliances where the power consumption is less than 3600W and with a maximum load of 16A.


Telephone numbers are written 0045xxxxxxxx, e.g. new administrator is written #14#0045xxxxxxxxx#

The GSM signal must be at min. 12 and can be a maximum of 31.


First, an SMS must be written to the device called #08#1234# BUT DON'T SEND YET, now hold down key 2 for 5 seconds. and then send the code.

Click here for App for IOS


Click here for App for Android

Units manufactured after 2018, the temperature sensor is either an NTC 10k or a digital DS18B20.


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