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Product No.: 60000204

GSM alarm communication control system



  • Security alarm system
  • Home care and Emergency alarm
  • Fire systems
  • Car and boat alarm transmitter
  • Door entry
  • Remote access control
  • Temperature regulations
  • Vending Machines
  • Other remote controls
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ZEUS4-VD is a new mobile voice and SMS autodialing system. It is mostly used to provide a wide range of alarm information and very useful remote controls. ZEUS4-VD can forward messages about the burglar alarm, technical alarms, etc. By voice call or SMS to the user or directly by sending the built-in contact ID to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

ZEUS4-VD has 4 output error labels and 4 alarm inputs. Each alarm input, when the alarm is triggered, sends a contact ID event, pre-recorded voice and text messages separately or all at the same time to up to 10 different phone numbers. ZEUS4-VD also allows an end user to control certain systems from a distance using the DTMF, SMS, or caller ID (CLIP) command.


  • Built-in 4-band GSM module (Cinterion)
  • Contact ID protocol built in
  • 4 alarm inputs
  • GSM Priority Entry, ON/OFF Entry
  • 4 remotely controlled error status outputs
  • 4 voice messages - 1 for each alarm input (remember microphone with mini jack)
  • 15 SMS alert and service messages
  • Memory stores up to 10 different phone numbers
  • OTA Function - FirmWare (FW) Reprogramming Over the Air
  • Listen-in feature
  • Programming with PC with USB cable or USB SIM editor
  • Programming parameters with SMS text messages
  • Outputs remotely controlled with SMS, CLIP, and DTMF
  • 10 Number call ID and access control users
  • System activation and disabling via SMS, CLIP, and DTMF
  • Up to 1000 event logs
  • Supply: 13.8-14.7VDC
  • Consumption rest 40mA, max. 250mA
  • Size: 120x170x60mm
  • Antenna connector type: SMA

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