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copy of Electromagnetic lock 500 kg

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Electromagnetic lock - can withstand a pull of up to 500 kg./ 1,200 lbs.

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L-Z brackets for 28000265
L-Z brackets for 28000265


copy of Power supply 12V 5A
copy of Power supply 12V 5A

Magnetic lock made of stainless steel. The lock can also be used outdoors.

The device is designed to withstand a force of up to 500 kg. / 1,200 lbs.

The lock requires a 12/24 V DC power supply.

Dimensions of the surface magnet:
H 220 x W 63 x D 36 mm. / 8.66 x 2.48 x 1.42 in.

Dimensions of the strikeplate:
H 185 x W 60 x D 13 mm. / 7.28 x 2.36 x 0.51 in.

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