Humidity and temperature sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor

Humidity and temperature sensor

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Sensor for humidity and temperature in plastic enclosure.



Wired sensor for measuring temperature and humidity.

The sensor only works with the SSI5000 and SSI6000.

The unit is set to at certain detection level, and then you choose, whether it be an increase or decrease in this level value, that will trigger a signal. This means that it has a wide scope. It may for example be used in an air condition system in order to ensure that the temperature is kept constant, which is important in e.g. a server room. at the same time it can also measure if the humidity is too low in an office environment, and the signal, that is sent if the level is too low, can turn on the humidifier.

The sensor requires a 7 - 30 V DC power supply.

H 58 x W 87 x D 36 mm. / 2.28 x 3.43 x 1.42 in.

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