Omstiller op/ned med display
    Omstiller op/ned med display

    Converter up/down with display

    Product No.: 41000264

    Voltage control print that regulates up and down as needed from 5.0V to 32.0V

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    Modular description DC-DC module, with input reverse polarity protection, exit with short circuit protection, overheating protection measures; module using high quality components, material stress, rational décor, stable and reliable results.

    Module parameters

    Module Type: DC boost regulator module, base model XL6009;

    Input voltage: Limits 3.5V - 32V, is the recommended value 5.0V - 32V;

    Output voltage 1.25 - 26VDC

    Volt: Limits 5.0V - 38V;

    Output voltage is set steplessly ( potentiometer is turned clockwise and voltage increases);

    Input power: Limited 0 - 4A, recommended value 0 - 3A;

    Conversion performance: Up to 85%;

    Switching frequency: 150KHz, second generation switch power supply technology;

    Working temperature:

    -30° - 70° The recommended ambient temperatures.

    -20° - 60° Full load, the temperature does not rise more than 40°

    Output ripple: less than <200mV

    Short circuit protection: Exit current limitation protection, self-swing;

    Protection against reverse polarity:

    Reverse input protection >40V;

    Module input: Connection via terminal input or output power very user friendly

    IN+: Entry positive

    IN-: Entry negative

    OUT+: Output positive

    OUT: Output negative

    Consumption maximum:

    Input voltage: 5V (Output 9V / 0.7 A, 12V / 0.5 A, 15V / 0.4 A, 24V / 0.2 A)

    Input voltage: 12V (Output 15V / 1.0 A, 19V / 0.6 A, 24V / 0.4 A)

    Module size:

    Dimensions: 65x45x30mm (LxBxH) Fixed screw: 3.0mm x 4 holes, center-spacing plate edge 3.5mm