Svane Electronic ApS was founded in 1983, with the purpose of selling security products to the Danish market.
In 1989, we started the production of our insurance approved alarms under the SSI brand.
Our goal was to manufacture products with a minimum life expectancy of 25 years, and this goal is still valid on all our own products.
We have manufactured approximately 70,000 burglar alarms sold both at home and abroad. The SSI name comes from Scandinavian Security Industry, but it is mostly the export market that knows us under this name. Since 1987, we have been selling quality access control, CCTV, power supplies and burglar alarms.
We have subsequently collected these in one system, but of course it is still possible to buy the systems separately.
Many of our current customers prefer the overall solution, which can also be ordered with remote support.
This combination allows you to have control over access to the workplace or home while on the go.



Today we have at home at the address

Arildsvej 27, 7442 Engesvang
In our showroom at the same address, you will find a representative selection of our products. Feel free to drop by!
We are often asked about things we have never even thought of, and then we solve them together with our partners from most of the world.
In recent years, many of our tasks have become special tasks, which include many times that the products must be developed by us in order to cover the task.
Our development department can create programs, APPS and websites that support the product. We also have the opportunity to have boxes and plastic parts made to your specifications.


Svane Electronic ApS
Arildsvej 27
7442 Engesvang

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