DBM 6000 & SSI 5000 software and documentation

Using the DBM6000 system, you can connect e.g. sensors and door switches to notify uninvited guests. The master can run both BUS and/or IP. In addition, in the master system for each door or gate in the building, you can easily control who has opened / closed and when it has happened. Likewise, you will be able to see if someone has been denied access.

One of the advantages of choosing a system from us is that you will not be tied to a given installer or a specific alarm company. A DBM6000 system will act as an integral part of the building, and has a very long service life.

Part of the DBM6000 system is a time registration of employees, so that it can be integrated with a payroll system and thus make the processing of both overtime and flextime easy to calculate and manage. On the whole, the DBM6000 system is easy to operate and requires only limited instruction and service.

 SSI5000 3v96E

 DBM6000 1v24 ( Serial port or IP master )

 DBM6000 3v51 ( Combined Master )

 DBM6000 network configuration tool

 Aperio software (link between Hub & handle)

 USB reader - driver

 Dinside 1v32

 Yourside help/guide

 Yourpage installation help

 USB reader - Dinside (driver)

android.png Smart 6000

Video for DBM6000

Guide to retrieving unknown users' piece/card no.

 Fitness desk for member registration

 Access to fitness rooms with your health card (barcode)

 Fitness trial class - access with code that only works once

 Demonstration use for fitness center

 Access to your local library with the health card (barcode)

 Diy ticket (DINpark)

 DINpark setup

Retrieve unknown users' cards/tag numbers

 Unknown code tracker

 Link to external database (DINlink )

Flash update on DBM-6205

Technical - sql error in servers - fixed in this way 

The events- filtering on users with the same name

Aperio for DBM6000 - HUB has item number 25009000 and masts for Aperio are called 26006105

Aperio demo 2

Aperio demo 3

Miscellaneous documents

 DBM6000 Brochure 

 DBM6000 licenses and specifications

 DBM6000 combi master

 DBM6000 DinPark Brochure remember UDP = 5998 and External app. = 5999 under pers. programs. Each door must be "winged off" in terms of external auto and the firewall must be opened.

 DBM6000 DinLink (connection against foreign databases - ODBC)

 DBM6000 DIY Exit Ticket Brochure & guide see here!

 DBM6000 sensor mounting

Playlist (youtube) with all DBM6000 related videos.