Boltlås 12V låst uden strøm - smal model
  • Boltlås 12V låst uden strøm - smal model

Bolt lock 12V locked without power - narrow model

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Bolt lock with narrow profile for mounting in door frame. The lock turns on when the power is cut off. Requires 12VDC power supply.

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copy of Power supply 12V 5A

Bolt lock with narrow profile for mounting in the door frame.

The lock will be locked as long as no power is connected.

The lock opens via an access control system, a code keypad or an expression contact. When the door is closed, it locks automatically. During installation, it can be set to have a timed delayed lock of 3, 6 or 9 seconds. Upon delivery, no delay is set.

OBS !! It is thus not possible to close the lock without power. Therefore, it must not be used for emergency exits or places where there is no other exit!


Voltage: 12VDC

Power consumption: pulse 960mA; Constant 180mA

Time controlled delayed locking: 0/3/6/9 sec.

Dimensions Front of bolt lock: L 192 x W 25 x H 3 mm.

Dimensions Lock body / borehole: L: 192 x W 25 x D 34 mm

Dimensions Bolt: ø 13 mm x L 116 mm

See more specifications in the guide below


Connect red wire + 12VDC

Black wire connected - (minus)

Orange: Exit PB - connected to expression button

Green wire: NO (normal open) - signal to the access control

White wire: COM (common) - connected to access control

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