Bolt lock 12V for surface mounting
  • Bolt lock 12V for surface mounting
  • Bolt lock 12V for surface mounting

Bolt lock 12V for surface mounting

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The door on which the bolt lock is mounted is locked when the lock is energized. The lock has an LED indicator which shows the status of the lock.

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copy of Power supply 12V 5A

Bolt lock for surface mounting on the door frame.

The door on which the bolt lock is mounted is locked when the lock is energized and it can be controlled via an access control system, key pad or push botton. When the door is closed it lockes automatically after 6 seconds. It is thus not possible to leave the door unlocked over a longer period of time unless it is connect to a access control system e.g. SSI 3000, which will be able to control this task.

Another set which gives you the possibility to leave the door open is, if you use our key pad (item no. 20001615). Then you can either open the door via a code and the door will lock 6 seconds after it is closed or you can enter another code and the door will be unlocked until you lock it again.

The lock can when installed be timed to delay relocking with 3, 6 or 9 sek. Relocking delay is not set when delivered.

The control panel will receive a message that the bolt is projected. The bolt lock has a tolerance of 1 cm and it is thus not able to show if the door in fact is closed and locked correctly. The gap between the two parts of the lock should be less than 8 mm otherwise the bolt does not project correctly.

The lock has a LED indicator, located on the same side as the holes for the screws and the dip switch. When the indicator light is red when the bolt is retracted and green when the bolt is projected/in locking position.

The lock requires a 12 V DC power supply.
Impuls: 880 mA.
Constant: 130 mA.

The 2 parts of the lock are of equal size and meassures:
L 150 x W 25 x H 37 mm. / 5.91 x 0.98 x 1.46 in.

You may want to use the cover plate (item no. 2800.0119) to cover the screw holes and the dip switch. NB. if cover plate is mounted the LED indicator will be hidden. For further information please see the ´We also recommend´box located below.

Wire installation:
Red: + 12 V DC
Black: 0 V (minus)
Orange: Open (push button)
Green: NO (Normal open)
White: COM (connect to control panel) 

 User guide

NB. mistake in user guide:
Open contact: connect black and orange NOT red and orange.


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