Bolt lock 12V locked with power 12V
  • Bolt lock 12V locked with power 12V

Bolt lock 12V locked with power 12V

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Bolt lock with slim surface - the lock switches off when the power is turned off.

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copy of Power supply 12V 5A

Bolt lock for mounting in the door frame.


Failsafe lock as it requires power to lock. When power is interrruoted by an access control or power outage the door will unlock. Failsafe locks are often used for life safety applications such access control of emergency exit doors and doors to high rise building stairwells where the locks are automatically released if the buildings fire alarm is activated or a power outage occurs. The bolt lock can also be used on an interior door and connected with a battery back-up power supply which will provide continuous power to the lock during a power outage.

It is possible to set the locks auto lock time with a delay of 3, 6 or 9 seconds.

The lock has LED indicator to show the status of the lock and to show the status of the door. RED when the bolt is withdrawn and GREEN when the bolt is projected.

The lock requires a 12 VDC power supply.
Current: Impuls: 960 mA. Constant: 130 mA.

Face plate: H 192 x W 25 x D 37 mm. / 8.07 x 1.18 x 1.50 in.
Bolt: Stainless steel D 12,6 mm and 17 mm. throw / 0,50 and 0,67 in.

5 wires
Red +
Black -
Orange Open
Green NO
White COM
Open-contact: connect red and orange. 
For wiring diagram see manual. 


youtube.gif Video from the manufacture


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