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GSM Entry Phones

GSM intercom system or entry/door phones have made ground in many homes and businesses, as the intercom system is able to answer and open the door or gate from a landline or mobile phone. For companies that means that a call from the intercom system for example could be answered by a receptionist. If the call is for a mobile phone, it will be possible to talk to visitors and let them in, anytime and anywhere - no matter where you are.

For safety, a GSM based intercom system is preferable, as it gives the impression that someone is at home, because you answer the call (via the mobile phone).

In addition, one of the benefits from a GSM intercom system is that it is cheaper to install, because there's no wire running to each apartment and it is not necessary to install phones or monitors in the apartments, because the system dials the mobile phone or landline.

At Svane Electronic we lead two different GSM entry phones, one for use in multi-storey buildings and one for use at the door, gate or barrier.

GSM Entry Phones

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