Enclosures can be used to house your main home alarm control panel, relays or GSM control units. They can also serve as an expansion box for additional modules, or it can be used to house a receiver. Some enclosures are made of metal and are very durable and great for indoor use, other enclosures are made of plastic, and they are therefor more suitable for outdoor use.

When you choose an enclosure to purchase you will want to make sure it is the right size to fit your equipment. Our medium size enclosure can hold our 13,6V / 4A and 27,5V / 2A power supplies. The 2 large power supplies (12V / 11A and 27,5V / 5A) only fit in our large enclosures.

In the SSI300 and SSI6000 access control systems we have included the necessary enclosures. It is also possible to order both door interface and input / output modules built into the enclosure.


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