RF Transmitter & Receiver

In most systems with security and access control e.g. at doors and gates it is often necessary to have a way of easily opening and glosing the door or gate. To make this possible a remote control receiver unit can be mounted onto the door interface. The remote control (transmitter) can then be placed in company cars or with a doorman, who then controls the access, and thereby no additional cables are needed.

The system can also be expanded with additional transmitters - this way you can easily, simply and inexpensively facilitat access through a gate or door.

Below you can see our selection of universal remote controls. If you need further information please do not hesitat to contact us.

RF Transmitter & Receiver

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RF receiver 1 channel

Price kr60.00

RF Wireless receiver with built-in multifunction relay and timer. It can be set to pulse or ON / OFF and self-hold at 05/10 / or 15 seconds. (The unit is controlled via RF 433 MHz remote control, it is not included...