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Using SSI6000 systemYou can connect for example sensors and door switches so you will be notified by uninvited guestsThe master can run both bus and / or IPFurthermore in the master system it is easy to verifying who opened / closed each door or gate of the building and when it happened. Similarly, it is possible to see if someone has been denied access.

One of the advantages of choosing a system from us is that You are not bound to a particular installer or a particular alarm companyA SSI6000 system will function as an integrated part of the building and has a very long lifespan.

A part of SSI6000 system is time recording of employees, which means that it can be integrated with a payroll system, so thatboth overtime and flexible working hours are easy to calculate and easy to manageOn the whole, the SSI6000 system is easy to use and requires little user training and service.


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