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Keypad & Readers

Keypad & Readers

Tried of fumbling with your key? Then you should try an access control system with a key pad located at your door. It is easy to use, simply enter a combination (also called a pin code) on the key pad and thus unlocking the access point.

A key pad is one of the most versatile applications for access control systems as the unit can provide many functions depending on your specific needs.

Our key pads are available in several different designs, but common to all is the use of a pin code - either alone or combined with a key card or fob. With a key pad you can unlock a door and at the same time disable an alarm system from the outside. A key pad can also be used to bypass an alarm system - giving you time to enter the complex and disabling the alarm via a panel located inside.

Keypad & Readers

Slim access key pad...

Slim access key pad combined with a proximity reader. Blue back light and key sounds. Up to 1000 users, 3 access forms; card/fobs and pin codes. Optional code length - 2-6...


Access keypad with...

Combined access keypad with proximity reader - 3x4 touch keys. Up to 1000 users. Access via proximity card, fob and/or pin code. Optional lengths on pin codes - 2-6 digits.