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Here you see Svane Electronic's range of key cards and -fobs. We have the proximity checkers and cards, Mifare fobs, Dallas fobs and cards with magnetic stripe for access control systems, door phones and keypad with reader.

One of the huge advantages of using key cards and fobs in access control systems is that You - at any given time - have an accurate overview of the persons who are in a building or in an area without having to fysically check it. This is due to the fact that all key cards and fobs are encoded partly with the code for the reader at the access point and partly with data on the person holding the key card or fob.

The reader recognizes the individual key cards & fobs, and opens the access point according to the information and admissions encoded in the access control system. The choice between key cards & fobs is solely a matter of taste. An access control system with key cards & fobs can stand alone or be combined with e.g. a pin code.

If you are unsure about the type of fobs you have, we can offer to send you a sample.

Keycard & Fobs

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