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When choosing cable for an alarm system and for camera surveillance, there are several factor which must be taken into consideration.

For example it is important to decide whether to use the BNC RG59 coaxial cable for camera surveillance, or if you want to use a regular network cable instead, and thus risk that som there may be interference on the video monitor in the form of "waves" in the image. 

In connection with PTR cable for sensors/detectors, it is necessary to consider how many units are to be supplied by the same cable, which has a bearing on whether you should choose a 4-wire or 8 wire PTR alarm cable.

Also when it comes to BUS cable for data transmission, there are things to take into consideration. Here you have to be aware of how the cable is insulated and whether the wire pairs are twisted to reduce electronic interference. This type of cable is also know as PDS cable.

Here you will find our entire range of cables. There are BNC RG59 coaxial cable for CCTV cameras and various types of alarm cable and BUS cable, so your every need will be covered.


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