A solution with motor locks has a wide scope, ranging from interior secutiry locks to exterior shell protection and other places where there is a need for electro mechanical locking with high security. A motor lock is especially suitable as a safety interlock.

For areas that only periodically - e.g. at night - needs to be ensured with high security, you can benefit greatly by using a system with motor lock. This can interoperate with a magnetic lock or an electric strike plate for easier and faster access eg. in the daytime.

A motor lock can also be used in conjunction with access control systems, timers, time-controlled and remote controlled doors and gates, fire alarm systems ant the like.

Model: 28000420

Motorized rim lock for keypads or access control

$67.13  Incl. VAT
($53.70  Excl. VAT )
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Model: 20000126

Metal tube - for wire transmission.

$24.99  Incl. VAT
($19.99  Excl. VAT )
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