Here you will find accessories for our various GSM products e.g. antennas, buzzers, thermostat with 1 meter cable, wireless/wired microphone and different temperature probes.

In the product name or product description you can read if the product is intended for a specific GSM product.

Model: 20007812

Buzzer 12 VDC, Ø12 mm

15,00  Incl. VAT
(12,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 20000886

GSM antenna with extra gain 7dBi, magnetic and 3 meter cable with SMA connectors.

135,00  Incl. VAT
(108,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 20000885

GSM antenna sticking, 3dBi, 3 meter cable with SMA connectors.

120,00  Incl. VAT
(96,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 60000161

3m extension cord for thermostat.

Fits our GSM electrical outlet temperature control, GSM management m / temperature control and GSM outlet with temperature control version 2015.

45,00  Incl. VAT
(36,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 60000173

Thermostat with 1 meter cable for GSM transmitter with 7 inp. 4 outp. 1 temp. USB (stock no. 6000.0170)

260,00  Incl. VAT
(208,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 60000175

Microphone without cable that fits GSM transmitter (model 6000.0170) for soldering the wire.

35,00  Incl. VAT
(28,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 60000177

Thermostat probe without cable - transistor house (stock no. 6000.0170).

70,00  Incl. VAT
(56,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
320,00  Incl. VAT
(256,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included