Smoke detector, CE approved

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CE approved smoke detector for 230 V with 9 V battery back-up. Meats the Danish Building regulations of Dec. 1st 2004.

Model: 20009425
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CE approved smoke detector. Particualy suitable for new houses where the law tells you to place 230 V smoke detectors with battery back-up, or in houses where you wish to mount an approved smoke detector til meats the Building regulations of December 1st 2004 (see below).

The sensor uses infrared diodes to detect smoke in the air.

The detection range of the sensor is app. 20 m2 / 215 ft2. For optimal security there should not be more than maximum 15 m. / 49 ft. between the detectors.

The detector has a LED indicator, it indicates that the unit is functioning and it blinks in case of an alarm.

Up to 40 units can be linked together with the yellow wire.

The detector requires a 230 V DC power supply.
It has a built-in 9 V battery for back-up.

Ø128 x D 38 mm. / Ø5.04 x D 1.5 in.

User guide

Statutory requirements for smoke detectors
According to Building regulations for small houses (BR-S98) adopted Dec. 1st 2004, all newly built single-family homes and multi-storey buildings must have at least one electric smoke detector installed. The detector must be connected to the fixed power supply and have an internal battery back-up.
The requirements also applies to property redeveloped or expanded by more than 50 percent.

In new houses the detector must be electric - powerd by the 230 V network, as it is more safe than a regular battery-powered smoke detector.

These detector can also be connected into a common alarm - connect them with each other so that all alarms go off simultaneously. This will give you an early warning of a fire e.g. in the basement before it spreads to the ground floor.

Where is the best place to mount your smoke detectors?

  • A smoke detector should always be mounted on the ceiling.
  • It is especially important to mount smoke detectors near every bedroom in the house, so you and your family are sure to hear any alarm - even if you sleep.
  • Smoke detectors must be mounted at least 1 m. / 3 ft. away from windows, vents and doors. Otherwise the smoke might blow away, and the alarm wont go off.
  • Avoid placing smoke detectors right next to the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or wood stove as cooking, as these things increase the risk of false alarms.
  • Smoke detectors should be placed at least ½ m. / 2 ft. from the walls.
  • If you have high ceiling or a loft, the detector should be placed on the ceiling's highest point, since smoke rises and gathers under the ceiling.
  • At stair wells the detector should be mounted right at the top.
  • In a long hall ways you should place a smoke detector at each end.
  • The smoke detectors should be no more than 10 m. / 32 ft. apart.
  • You should mount at least one smoke detector on each floor of the house.

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