Here you can see Svane Electronics product range of 24V power supplies. We lead different versions including DIN rail, power outlet module or modules mounted in the box.

All systems for security or access control require some form of power - whether it is a small or large system. Our range of power supplies cover all the needs that may arise during the installation.

If you are unsure about the type of power supply you need, please feel free to call +45 70 25 30 10.

Model: 41000229

Power supply 27.6VDC 4.0A module with connecting battery backup. Up to 7.2A battery. Variable output voltage: 24V (21.3 - 29.8V)

370,00  Incl. VAT
( 296,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 20003131

27,6VDC 4A power supply in small metal box. Prepared for battery backup. With LED indicator for battery failure and operation.

620,00  Incl. VAT
( 496,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 20003194

Powersupply in big metalbox (27.6VDC 4.0A) for battery backup

835,00  Incl. VAT
( 668,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 41000232

Battery backup module for model 4100.0231 (without batteries).

705,00  Incl. VAT
( 564,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 41000231

Power 27,6VDC 10A for DIN rail mounting.

995,00  Incl. VAT
( 796,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 41000233

Power supply DIN-rail 24VDC 2.5A

305,00  Incl. VAT
( 244,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included
Model: 20003186

Power supply 12V 5A.

125,00  Incl. VAT
( 100,00  Excl. VAT )
delivery not included